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Monday, April 9, 2012

GUI codes for Campture image using webcam - Matlab

Today i will tell you how to capture image using webcam in GUI using matlab

before go to GUI, we have have to know that how to connect webcam to MATLAB for that go to how to connect webcam to MATLAB click here

Than create Push button on GUI which is used to capture images

Click Start -> Matlab -> GUIDE(GUI Builder)

Select Blank GUI(default) -> press ok

Select push button and draw push button as show in fig

Go to the inspector and change string to start

Now save GUI

After saving GUI Editor window will open

write below codes under puchbutton1_callback function as shown in fig below

close all;
clear all;
%to close preview window
%winvideo is webcam port address
%use your webcam port address
%to open preview window
%press enter to capture image
%to capture image
data = getsnapshot(vid);
%to display capture image

Now save editor window and run .fig file and click start button
preview will open than click enter to capture images

Note :- It work only matlab 9 and above matlab version

if you get any error let me know from your comment and don`t forget to tell thanks

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  1. thanks thats a wonderfull tutorial!!!

  2. i am very thankful to you sir ...n i have a small problem with my code for concealed weapon detection using image fusion....can u please rectify it.....

  3. thanks so lot for guiding us...n i have a small query regarding the code concealed weapon detection using image fusion in GUI ..can u plz rectify it

    1. Ya Sure, Mail Your source code to

  4. Thank you sir bt I get one error...I am not able to see available adapters name..

  5. sir can you please tell me how to do the same for image capturing by button