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Monday, April 9, 2012

How to run .m file in GUI using matlab

Today i will tell you how to run m file in GUI using matlab

i have camera.m matlab file saved in project folder which have to run when Push button is clicked in GUI

first create Push button on GUI

Click Start -> Matlab -> GUIDE(GUI Builder)

Select Blank GUI(default) -> press ok

Select push button and draw push button as show in fig

Go to the inspector and change string to start

Now save GUI in project folder only where you saved camera.m file

NOTE :- camera and GUI much be saved in same folder

after saving GUI Editor window will open

write camera under puchbutton1_callback function as shown in fig below

Now run your GUI to see result

Note :- It work only matlab 9 and above matlab version

if you get any error let me know from your comment and don`t forget to tell thanks

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  1. i want to build a gui n when click ok, it will run the .mfile..i had try your method but its fail..please help me..

  2. Which Matlab Version are you using??? it works in Matlab 9 and above.....