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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Change logon screen of windows 7

Like most users, you probably don’t think too much about your logon screen But a nice little utility specifically designed for Windows 7 will let you change
the background image on your logon screen. Logon Screen Rotator from
Luke Payne Software for Windows 7, is a program is easy to install, and the
features are straight forward to use. Before you begin, you should have a
folder with the images that you will want to use for your logon screen.
Once you download and extract the file, the Windows 7 Rotator screen will
appear -> There are six tabs that you can use, but most users will start with
the first tab, where you add your images -> You can select an image by right
click on the open area in the image tab -> Select the image from the image
folder -> change images -> Adding a Folder to the Folders tab...this allows
other images to be available -> The next tab locates the folders that you can
use to store the images that you will use -> The next tab “All Images” will
show all or the images that have been loaded on the application -> The
History tab will record your entries -> The button set tab allows you to select
a button for use on logon -> You can change the settings of the application ->
You can set how often you want the image to change, at each logon, or each
This program is quick and easy to work with. If you like your themes or
background images, you will like this program.

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