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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Configuring System Restore In Windows 7

System Restore is an undo function for the Windows operating system. It can
be used to restore a previous version of the operating system easily which by
default includes files but also system settings. This can come in handy in
numerous occasions but especially if a recent change to the system, e.g. A
driver or software installation, has made the computer system unstable.

The System Restore in Windows 7 allocates 4% of the drive space of the hard
drive Windows is installed on automatically. While that does not sound like
much it means a size of 40 Gigabytes on a 1 Terabyte hard drive. Depending
on the size of the partition it is usually a good idea to either increase or
decrease the allocated space for system restore. Here is how this is done:

One easy way to access the System Restore configuration is to open a
Windows Explorer window, locate the Computer link in the left sidebar ->
right-click that link and select Properties from the context menu. This will
open up the System information in the Control Panel. A click on the System x
open up the System information in the Control Panel. A click on the System
Protection link in the left sidebar will open the System Properties
configuration menu. A final click on System Protection will display the
System Restore configuration menu.

This menu offers controls for System Restore in Windows 7. It will
furthermore display the drives that are currently configured to use System
Restore and those that are not. A selection of a drive and a click on the
Configure button opens yet another menu that displays detailed
configuration information about the hard drive. This includes the percentage
that is currently allocated for System Restore, that size in Megabytes and the
current usage.
It is possible to change the percentage that Windows can allocate for system
protection to free up disk space for other data. It is furthermore possible to
delete previous system restore points and to change the restore settings.
Windows 7 will by default save system settings and previous versions of files.
This can be changed to only restore previous versions of files. Users who do
not want to use system restore can also turn it off completely in the menu.

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