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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Pin: Recycle Bin, Computer and General Folders to the Taskbar

I’m a big fan of the new Superbar in Windows 7. I find it easy to use, helpful
and I just plain like the look of it. I view the taskbar as a way to keep my
desktop clean and avoid the clutter that icons can sometimes create. The
problem is that there are a few icons that don’t seem to play nice with the
Superbar and instead of dragging and dropping the item to the Superbar and
it keeping it’s properties and functionality, it doesn’t seem to work the way
i’d like it to. Here’s how to fix a few icon issues that you may find to be
irritating with the Superbar.

Recycle Bin

First we need to create a link to the Recycle Bin that we can navigate to from
the Superbar. To do this, create a new folder on the desktop (name it
anything you like or keep it as ‘New Folder’) -> Drag your Recycle Bin icon on
the desktop over to the New Folder that you created, so it creates a shortcut
to the Recycle Bin within that folder -> Move the folder somewhere (I moved
it to the C drive (e.g. C:\New Folder) -> With the Taskbar unlocked, right-click
and select Toolbars->New Toolbar -> Find the folder containing the Recycle
Bin link and select it -> This will put a toolbar with text on the taskbar with a
separator -> Right click on the Separator and uncheck Show Text and
Show Title -> Right-click on the Separator and select View and Large Icons.
To move the Recycle Bin icon around, you will need to play around with the
separators by moving them to the right of the icon (Similar to how you
adjusted quick link icons in Vista and XP) -> You can now lock the taskbar.

General Folders

Normally with general folders and Computer shortcuts, Windows 7 will place
everything under the same folder icon and add a jumplist entry for that folder
If you are like myself and would prefer to have separate and distinct icons for
these items you will need to do a little extra work.
To pin a general folder, you will repeat the same steps as you would for the
Recycle Bin, except you will need to create a folder within the folder you
would like to pin. When I say create a folder within that folder, I mean that if
you want to place a shortcut for Pictures, you will need to navigate to the root directory for Pictures under the correct user (do not use a pictures
Library or this will not work correctly) and create a new folder in the Pictures
folder, then follow the steps for creating a toolbar on the taskbar pointing to
the root pictures folder, not the subfolder that you created. So, to break
down the steps:
Create a new folder within the folder that you want to pin. (remember, do
not create your folder in a library folder, but instead use the root directory) ->
Edit the folder accordingly -> Create a new toolbar, pointing to the root
directory instead of the new folder that was created
Confusing, I know, but stick with it, you’ll figure it out.
One thing to note. The general icon image will be used unless you edit the
Folder icon image beforehand by right-clicking on the folder and selecting
Properties->Customize->Change Icon

Right-click on a empty space on the desktop -> click on New then Shortcut ->
Type %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe shell:MyComputerFolder -> click on the
Next button -> For the name, type whatever you’d like ( I used Computer) ->
click Finish -> Right-click on the new Computer shortcut on the desktop ->
click on Properties -> Under the Shortcut tab -> click on the Change Icon
button -> In the Look for icons… line, type
%SystemRoot%\system32\imageres.dll -> press enter -> Select the
appropriate icon and click Ok.

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