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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Select a Default OS to Boot Into

I thought it would also be helpful to show a quick guide on making
Windows 7 the default operating system to boot into. As you know, when
you have a dual boot setup, you will be prompted at startup as to which
installation you would like to boot into, but after a short countdown, it will
default to one of the operating systems. Here is how to tell the system which
one to use by default.
Open the Start Menu -> right-click on Computer -> click on Properties -> The
System window should open and you will click on Advanced system settings
on the right-hand task pane -> Under the Advanced tab -> click on the
Settings button under Startup and Recovery -> Under System Startup ->
select a operating system from the drop down menu to be the new default operating system-> click on OK -> Click on OK.
Another quick way to do the same thing is to click on the Start menu -> type
msconfig into the search box and hit Enter-> Click on the Boot tab -> Select
the installation you wish to boot into by default and check the Make all boot
settings permanent box.

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