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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Activating or De-activating Windows Features

The features I’m referring are not the ones located in the Accessories menu
but special features and applications that reside in the Windows Features
dialog box
Here you can activate or de-activate installed parts of Windows such as
Games, Internet Explorer and Media Player to name a few.
In Windows 7, Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows various
features are automatically added during the installation.
Prior to Windows Vista, it was difficult to find these features much less
remove them, as they were an integral part of that version of Windows. For
example it was not easy trying to remove Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.
Things are different now in both Windows Vista and Windows 7. In these
newer operating systems you can turn unwanted Windows features on or
off as you see fit.
However, remember that Windows features in Vista and Windows 7 are still
an integral part of the Windows installation remaining on your hard disk. So,
turning off features does not uninstall them nor does it reduce the amount of
hard disk space used by them. The features just remain dormant until you
re-activate them.
The Windows 7 features list is more extensive than Vista’s and you have
greater control over enabling or disabling a feature. In Windows 7 you can
now disable Internet Explorer

As usual there are several ways to probe Windows Features. The most
common methods are described below.
Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a program -> Turn Windows
Features on or Off
Start -> Search -> Type windows features -> Turn Windows Features on or off

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