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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Easy Access to Frequently Used Word Documents-Microsoft Office Help Tips

I’m sure you have noticed that Word will keep a listing of your most recently
used documents when you click on the File menu. You can have Word display
up to 9 recent documents. To find out how to change these settings check
out our Changing the Office Recently Used File List page. This is great but
your listing will get overwritten with newer documents as you open them.
But what if you want to have Word keep a listing of your favorite documents
on a permanent basis? There is an easy way to do this by simply adding
what is called the Work button to your Word toolbar.
To add this button go to View, Toolbars then Customize. From there you will
choose the Commands tab, and select Built-in Menus from the list of
categories. Then choose Work from the list of commands and drag it to where you want it on your toolbar.
To use this new button, open the document you want to keep on your
permanent list. Choose Add to Work Menu from the new Work button to
attach the file to the menu. To remove a file, press Ctrl-Alt-Minus and click
on the item you want to remove.

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