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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How To Burn CDs & DVDs In Windows 7 without software

One thing I love about Windows 7 is its ability to simply do tasks, which used
to be far too complicated in the first place.
Take burning a CD or DVD for example, firstly it involved scouring the web for
burning software which will work for you. Then depending on what software
you choose, you could either end up handing over some money or you may
have gotten a free program, regardless you will then have to download and
install it. After all this you may be plagued with problems such as the
software not detecting your burning drive or not recognizing discs in the drive
Finally you would then have to open up your chosen software, navigate
through some menus, which even your local tech enthusiast will struggle to
understand, select the files you want and finally go hunting for that burn

With Windows 7, things have got a whole lot easier. Windows 7 has its own
built in burning features so you can burn a CD/DVD in just a few clicks.

Select a file or files your want to burn to a disc -> click the Burn button at the
top of your window -> You will then be presented with another window
showing the files added to the burn list, so you will be able to add more files
to the burn list if you want or you can just click burn to disc -> It will then
check to make sure you have a disc inserted into your drive, and if you do
you will be asked to add a name to the disc and you can choose a different
write speed if you wish but it will automatically select the highest recording
speed available for you -> once you’ve clicked next it will begin burning the
files to the disc, and then your done -> . So it’s as simple as that, you will also
be given the opportunity to create an additional copy of the disc if you want

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