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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Create A Custom Windows 7 Library

Folders allow users to add many files to one location for organizational
purposes. However, many folders, by default contain files that support
applications or software. Such folders like system folders are for Operating
system support. Other folders, like pictures and music are created so that the
user can have a special storage location. Enter libraries, Windows 7
organizational feature for content.
The Libraries are tailored to specific content types. By default, there are four
kinds of libraries (in Windows 7 Ultimate) documents, music, pictures, and
video. Each Library presents its content in a style that’s most appropriate for
that library type. But users are able to create their own libraries. It is also
very easy to use.

Start -> Computer -> Libraries -> Select New Library from the Menu Bar ->
A new library icon is presented and you can type in the name -> If you double
click on the icon you will enter the library -> Now the fun part begins. It is
easy to add items to the library.

Features of Libraries
Here are common features that you will find in the libraries.They are very similar to folders.
You can expand or contract the content of the libraries.
You can expand or collapse the Libraries option to see the individual folders
Right clicking on the folder in the library section will allow you to:
remove the location from the library
or send to desktop, folder, or drive
create a new folder

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