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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How To Find a Driver's Version Number in Windows 7

There are several reasons why you might want to learn the version number
of a driver in Windows 7, the biggest of which is to avoid wasting your time
on an unnecessary update.
If you're about to update a driver in Windows 7, check the version number
of the driver you already have installed against the version number of the
driver you're about to install. It may be that you already have the latest
driver for the hardware installed.
Regardless of the reason, finding a driver's version number in Windows 7 is
really simple.
Open Device Manger from the Windows 7 Control Panel -> In Device
Manager, locate the device that you want to find the driver version number
of.. -> After finding the hardware device you're looking for, right click on the
device's name or icon and click on Properties -> In the Properties window for
the device, click the Driver tab -> On the Driver tab, look for Driver Version
among the other statistics about the driver. It will be located above the
several buttons.
Next to Driver Version you'll see the version number of the currently
installed driver for this device. This is what you're after.

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