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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Solve computer problems using windows 7

Two powerful tools present in windows 7 assist in resolving pc related
A flag symbol appears in notification area if OS detects defective drive
or applications that are functioning incorrectly or any other such problems
windows displays details of the detected problems when you click the
popup bubble by clicking one of them the action center automatically
looks for a solution windows 7 fixes the problem
If the action center does not find a solution. The problem recorder might
assist further type "psr" in the start menu and click the search result
psr.exe Which stands for "problem steps recorder" In the following
dialogue box click "start record" and try to reproduce the error stop
the recording and click the dropdown menu next to the "help" question
mark icon. The recording of the problem can be saved through "settings"
alternatively an email could be sent using the menu command "send to
email recipient" send the email to the pc manufacturer or the concerned.
Software provider the email will comprise of an exact error desciption
and a slide show displaying the recorded error these are saved in file with
a MHT extension and stored in ZIP archive normally the problem recorder
does nit record any sensitive data like password however we recommend
that you open and check the contents of MHT file before it is sent. If
necessary delete all security - related and personal entries.

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