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Sunday, July 17, 2011

To Capture a Window

Press the Alt key and PrtScn (Print Screen) key -> After capturing the image,
paste it into the document.
Following image capture the image goes into Windows Clipboard AND
Clipboard only holds on image. This was “One shot in the locker”. Snagit the
better option, pastes all captures into Snagit Editor where they remain
available for editing or manipulating.
In this primitive method of screen capture, I used Paint to modify and crop
its elements. While this method was pretty crude, it achieved its purpose.


While this program is not free, the purchase price is not prohibitive. It is a
worthy investment and Snagit has been a boon to my work. I highly
recommend it.
Incidentally, for those interested in trying it, you can download a free version,
from google. It is time stamped and you can only use it for a limited period.

Snipping Tool
This free tool, found in Windows Vista and in Windows 7, works in a similar
fashion to Snagit.Though its not as refined or precise as Snagit, it still does a
pretty good job.
Where is the Snipping Tool?
Start menu -> In the Search box, type snip ->In the Search results box, click
Snipping Tool -> The Snipping Tool opens ->click the New button on the
toolbar and choose the snipping tool -> There are four options available:
Free-form Snip
Rectangular Snip
Windows Snip
Full-screen Snip
select and save a section of a web page. Remember, you can use the other
capture options too.
Once you master this tool, you can grab text and pictures from anywhere.

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