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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is Windows 7 Homegroup?

Homegroup allows you to connect wirelessly to other computers allowing
you to share documents, photos, music and other files as well as your printer.
As the initiator of Homegroup you can ensure the security of your files by
making them read-only. However, you also have the option of allowing other
members of your Homegroup to modify your files.

Setting up a HomeGroup
To create a Windows 7 HomeGroup you need two or more computers
running Windows 7. This exercise will involve setting up a HomeGroup for
two computers, a Desktop computer and a Laptop computer.
The Desktop computer takes the first step in setting up a Homegroup. This
involves deciding whether to share library files and printers and then
generating a Homegroup password so other user(s) can join the Homegroup

Start -> Control Panel -> in the section labelled Network and Internet ->
Choose“Homegroup and Sharing Options” -> The Homegroup window opens,
click the button labelled, Create a Homegroup -> The “Create a Homegroup”
window opens, displaying the features you can share –> Pictures, Documents,
Music, Printers and Videos -> Check the boxes for those items you wish to
share -> Click the Next button -> Next, Windows 7 generates a password to
allow other computer user(s) to join the Homegroup -> Click Print password
and instructions -> Give the Password information sheet to the other
computer user(s) -> Click the Finish button.

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