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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to add the Print Directory freature to windows 7

Sometimes you may find yourself needing to print of a list of the files that are
in a folder, and if you have lots of files, it’s not much fun going through
them all and typing each one out in a word document. So instead you can
use this nifty little feature to do it automatically for you, it takes a little time
to set up but once you’ve done that it’s all plain sailing.
Now there is two different options you can take here.
The first is a once off solution for printing a list of a folders contents. The
second is a more permanent feature which adds an option to do it to the
right click context menu.
I’ll go through the first solution first. If your handy with a bit of command
line this shouldn’t be a problem.
The first thing you want to do is open up command prompt as the
administrator, then navigate to the folder/directory you want a file listing
of, then enter this command:
dir> contents.txt
This will then add a contexts.txt file to the directory you were getting a file
listing of, so simply open it up and hit print and your done

Now the second method requires a bit more work.
First off we need to create a Printdir.bat file -> To do this we need to open up
notepad, and paste in the following text
@echo off
dir %1 /-p /o:gn > "%temp%\Listing"
start /w notepad /p "%temp%\Listing"
del "%temp%\Listing"
Then you want to save it as Printdir.bat to the directory that you installed
Windows to – generally C:\Windows, but make sure you have administrative
permissions -> At this point if you were following Microsoft’s guide you
would be messing around with the registry and inexperienced users could
do some damage
But thankfully I’ve an easier method for you.
Go to start -> run and type in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
In this folder then we are going to right click and create a shortcut
and enter %windir%\Printdir.bat for the location of the file -> Hit next and
enter Print Directory Listing as the name for the shortcut and your done!
Now simply right click on the folder you want to print the directory off, go to
Send To and then select Print Directory Listing and away you go!

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