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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Remove the lock Icon from a windows Explore in windows 7

While working with Windows Explorer, you may come across a folder with a
lock on it. It’s a security feature. Follow the next few steps to eliminate the
What does the lock icon mean? Basically that the file or folder has limited
user access. It can only be accessed by you, and not any one else on your
computer. Should you want this, then the lock icon is a good way to
guarantee that those settings are in the proper place. However, should this
not be in yourscope, then it’s a problem.

Windows Explorer -> f0851ed33bc2190f3 -> Select the Security Tab -> Edit
To modify or remove the lock icon, the process begins with a change to the
security settings on the folder. This will change the Users group to read from
the folder, at the very least.
Select the folder with the lock icon, right click, select Properties. Go to the
Security tab, select the Edit button.
Notice that list of groups and users that have access to the folder will appear.
And also missing from this list is the “Users” group. So click the Add button.
Next enter “Users” into the text field near the bottom of the window. Follow
up with a click to Check Names button.
The “Users” selection will change to the location where the Users group is
located on your particular computer. In our case, this will occur at
Mutley457-PC\Users and it is the name of test test machine) -> click OK.

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