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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Install device drivers Automatically/Manually in Windows 7

Windows 7 makes many things easier to work with than previous Windows
versions of the operating system, But sometimes it can perform quite
aggressively when it comes to detecting, downloading, and installing device
drivers for newly discovered hardware. Sometimes this can be a problem.
Windows 7 users may prefer to install device drivers manually and would
prefer that the operating system not interact automatically with the new
devices. As a matter of fact there are some options you can use to prevent
Windows 7 from dowing this.
Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> view Devices and Printers.
This window contains multiple icons that represent the devices that are
connected and available to your PC. They include the monitor, keyboard,
mouse, printer, external storage disks.
So next you must locate the icon which represents your computer. The name
of your computer is not My Computer but the actual individual name of your
computer, which appears on a network.
right click on device you want to install driver ->device installation settings
Here users have three options to select from. Option number one
allows Windows 7 to always install the best driver from Windows Update
operation. If you want Windows to go to Windows Update and download
and install a driver whenever a new device is detected this is the option
to take.
Now option number two is more conservative. Windows 7 will first take any
local driver that is on your computer and install that before going to
Windows Update to search for a useable driver,to download, and instal.
Finally option number three is the most conservative. Select this one if you
want to prevent Windows 7 from automatically downloading and installing
the device drivers or if you always want to manually install drivers yourself.

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