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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pin Folders And Files To The Windows 7 Taskbar

The taskbar in Windows 7 offers a feature to pin programs to it so that they
are always accessible from there. It uses the same principle that shortcuts
use with the difference that the programs are added to the taskbar instead
and that they might offer additional functionality depending on the
developer’s support of additional taskbar features.
Create a new text document on your computer desktop or any other location
and rename it completely so that it becomes an executable file, for instance
downloads.exe instead of downloads.txt. Drag the new file to the Windows 7
Taskbar to pin it there. This is just used as a dummy file that is needed to
place the icon on the taskbar.
Now navigate to the file or folder that you want to pin to the taskbar in
Windows 7. Hold down the shift button, right-click the folder and select to
copy the path of the file or folder. This will copy the path to the Windows
Now right-click the pinned taskbar item and right-click again the name that
is shown in the jumplist. Select Properties from that menu. Locate the Target
form field in the Shortcut tab. Replace the existing path with the path that
has been copied to the Windows Clipboard. You can simply select the old
path, right click it and select to paste so that it gets replaced.
You are done but you can click on the Change Icon button in the same menu
to replace the icon with another one that is more appropriate.
A click on OK will change the path and the file or folder can from then on be
opened from the Windows 7 Taskbar.
This method makes it possible to add any file or folder to the Windows 7
Taskbar. The original file can be deleted in the end as it is no longer needed.

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