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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to verify Technorati Claim Token in your blog

Many bloggers are unaware of how to verify their technorati claim token. This post will attempt to answer how you can claim and verify your blog on Technorati using the unique code they generate for your blog.

For instance, Technorati assigned claim token number for Naikgroup is 9NT5ZFW4DRJW

All you have to do is to put your unique token number in a new post and publish it. You could place the code anywhere in the post (generally it is preferred to keep within the first few lines or within excerpt). You can even make a new post, something like Technorati claim or Technorati verification and placing just the claim token code as content in the post. It does not have to be in Title even. Once you have published the post with the token in it, visit

Sign in to your Technorati account. Under your profile page, you should notice Technorati cliam status and a button to verify claim token. Click on ‘verify claim token’ and Technorati will go and look for unque code in your blog. If all goes well, Technorati will visit your blog, find the token and verify it.

You may sometimes get an error message with Technorati mentioning that “we have encountered a problem reading your site’s data.” If that occurs, make sure your claim code is correct and is reflected in your blog’s RSS feed. For blogs, having feed excerpts enabled, make sure the code appears in excerpt.

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