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Friday, November 11, 2011

How to connect 2 laptops using wifi in windows 7

We can connect 2 laptops in windows 7 using one as host another one as guest.
we can connect most of games between 2 laptops using wifi without using any physical connection

follow this step

IN Windows 7

IN Host PC (lap 1)
1. In start menu type 'setup and ad hoc network' click ok
2. than click on next
3. Put Network name
security type WPA2-personal
security key (min 8 key password)
4. click ok

In Guest PC(lap 2)
1. in start menu type "connect to a network" click ok
2. than connect to the network name which one you gave in host pc (laptop 1)

Now you can play most of game through wifi
feel free to write comments ...
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